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The World's Fastest
Charging Battery Case

8 Reasons To Use The 8

  • 1

    Ultra-fast charging

  • 2

    Adds 8 hours of usage time

  • 3

    No more pesky USB ports

  • 4

    Unobstructed speaker ports

  • 5

    Stands on its side for hands-free viewing

  • 6

    High grade materials, superior protection

  • 7

    Ergonomically designed

  • 8

    Easy in, easy out

Ultra-fast charging

The amazing INOVA | 8 battery case charges in the incredible short time of 8 minutes or less, 20x faster than standard battery cases. If you are on the run and have only a minute, you can charge your INOVA | 8 case for 1 minute and gain about 1 hour of smartphone usage. And if you have 8 minutes, you get 8 hours of smartphone usage.

Adds 8 hours of usage time

The ultra-fast INOVA | 8's powerful 1800 mAh battery will give you 8 more hours of typical smartphone use. More time, more fun!

No more pesky USB ports

We solved the problem of fragile USB ports constantly breaking down by replacing it with a 3.5 mm power jack which easily fits into the power port on the top of the battery case. With the INOVA | 8, you are able to easily charge your smartphone without ever having to worry about those undependable USB connections again.

Unobstructed speaker ports

Unlike most battery cases, the INOVA | 8's innovative design does not block high quality sound emanating from the smartphone's speakers. Listen to your favorite music they way it was meant to be heard.

Stands on its side for
hands-free viewing

The INOVA | 8 case is beautifully designed to stand firmly on its side. Now you can watch your videos on the fly with comfort and ease.

High grade materials,
superior protection

The INOVA | 8 uses the same time tested polymers as those used on smartphones themselves, protecting your smartphone with impact resistant strength from materials of the highest quality. This, combined with an aesthetically pleasing unibody case design with an elliptical bottom, gives your phone extra protection against drops. This happens because the force of impact is distributed along the ellipse (like the supporting arches of a bridge) and not directly into your phone.

Ergonomically designed

The ellipse on the bottom of the INOVA | 8 is bevelled so you can reach and navigate the screen easily with your thumb. The elliptical design of the INOVA | 8 also allows for headphone jacks to be closer to the jack input on your phone, thus allowing you to connect your headphones conveniently to the bottom of your smartphone.

Easy in, easy out

In the INOVA | 8, the tolerances between the case and the smartphone are extremely tight, a fact which allows your smartphone to slide smoothly in and out of the sleek unibody case without sacrificing a snug fit for excellent protection.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Technical Specifications

  • iPhone 5/5S
  • iPhone 6
  • Samsung S5
Product dimensions 2.46 x 5.51 x 0.74 in
62.6 x 140 x 18.9 mm
Weight (oz / g) 4.13 / 117
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Warranty 1 year
Package contents 35W Power Supply, 12V Car Charger, Headphone Extension Jack, Manual
Patent Pending
Product dimensions 2.80 x 6.07 x 0.72 in
71 x 154.3 x 18.2 mm
Weight (oz / g) 4.37 / 124
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Warranty 1 year
Package contents 35W Power Supply, 12V Car Charger, Headphone Extension Jack, Manual
Patent Pending
Product dimensions 3.01 x 6.23 x 0.76 in
76.5 x 158.2 x 19.4 mm
Weight (oz / g) 4.66 / 131
Battery capacity 1800 mAh
Warranty 1 year
Package contents 35W Power Supply, 12V Car Charger, Headphone Extension Jack, Manual
Patent Pending

* All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary. Battery has limited recharge cycles. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings.

Media About Us

About Us

INOVA brings together a team of experts whose diversity of skills and experience perfectly compliment one another. We are thrilled to be working on this truly revolutionary smartphone case, one that - through its unique use of converging technologies - recharges dramatically faster than any other case on the market. We believe that the INOVA | 8 will alter forever the mobile experience of everyone who depends on the smartphone for business, information and communication.

Chris Ziemkiewicz

A Senior Management professional experienced in operations management offering more than 30 years of substantial accomplishments in Project / Engineering Management & Design.

More information about Chris is available on LinkedIn.

Mike Zawadzki

A bright, young engineering student with great ideas about how to change the world. The inspiration for the INOVA | 8 and its many future iterations.

More information about Mike is available on LinkedIn.

Veronica Bazydlo

Veronica combines passion for the language and technology so when the opportunity came she jumped (with joy) to work on this startup to promote the INOVA | 8. She is a digital marketer at heart fascinated with social media and a philologist holding B.A. and M.A. in English Philology. All her passions led her to become a blogger and movie reviewer. A fan of everything Apple and intimately attached to her iPhone, Veronica loves the idea of providing the world with a fast charging battery case.

More information about Veronica is available on LinkedIn.


As they say, nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and the idea behind the rapid-charging INOVA | 8 battery case was so powerful that it practically demanded that a company be formed around it. Instead of seeking venture capital, we decided to go right to Kickstarter first, since the Kickstarter community is the place where innovative ideas from passionate entrepreneurs are most appreciated, encouraged and supported. Naturally, we are highly passionate about the INOVA | 8, and we are convinced that the “8 hours in 8 minutes” battery charge will revolutionize the way we all use mobile smartphone technology. Above all, we appreciate your support in helping us realize our dreams of creating a successful and profitable business starting with the INOVA | 8.

Michael Majchrzak, Founder, CEO

A seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience starting new businesses, mostly in Central and Eastern Europe. Mike brings passion, commitment and hard work to every project he works on, and is very excited about working on bringing the INOVA | 8 to market.

More information about Michael is available on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

The product

  • What is the warranty?
    We offer a one-year warranty.
  • How do I charge the case?
    You charge the case using the 3.5 mm power jack or the car charger included with the case. Actually, you can charge with any power supply, of any voltage, as long as you have a 3.5 mm adaptor.
  • Can I charge the case with my Macbook cable?
    No. The Mac does not have a standard connector for an adaptor from their power supply.
  • Can I charge the case via USB?
    No. The INOVA | 8 does not charge from a USB port from any laptop because using a USB would be too slow.
  • Does the INOVA| 8 sync with the data on my computer via a USB cable?
    With the INOVA | 8 we've replaced the USB cable with the 3.5 mm power jack to be able to fast charge your battery case. We believe syncing via a connected cable has already given floor to wireless syncing and cloud usage. What is more, USB cables are undependable so we solved this problem, too.
  • Can I use my iPhone while the case is fast charging?
    Yes. Charging of the INOVA | 8 does not interfere with your phone. Enjoy using it while charging your case!
  • Can I charge the case outside the US?
    Yes, we will provide you with the appropriate regional power supply.
  • What are the dimensions?
    The dimensions for each model are as follows (W/H/T):
    iPhone 5/5S: 62.6/140/18.9 mm; 2.46/5.51/0.74 inches
    iPhone 6: 71/154.3/18.2 mm; 2.80/6.07/0.72 inches
    Samsung Galaxy S5: 76.5/158.2/19.4 mm; 3.01/6.23/0.76 inches
  • Does it protect my iPhone from damage?
    Yes. The case’s elliptical bottom and uni-body design give extra protection to your phone and help prevent it from any damage if it falls.
  • What kind of materials are used on the device?
    The INOVA | 8 battery case uses the same polymers as those used on smartphones themselves (a co-polymer of polycarbonate and polysiloxane). The INOVA | 8 thus protects your smartphone with impact resistant strength from materials of the highest quality. It also helps prevent cold weather cracking, and provides chemical resistance to oleic acid, lotions and suntan oils and greater ductility at low outdoor temperatures.
  • How durable is the case?
    Extremely durable. For the INOVA | 8, we use the same polymers as Samsung and Apple use on their phones.
  • How many charge cycles do I get out of the case?
    Around 500 full charges.
  • How does the blue LED work?
    When the INOVA | 8 is charging, the blue LED on the lower left corner of the case blinks according to how fast the FC battery is charging. Since lithium batteries charge faster when the level of charge is low, the LED blinks relatively fast at the beginning, and then – as the battery charges – the blinking slows down. When the battery is at full charge, the LED is lit constantly, until the power jack is removed. The LED blinking rate ranges from 3x/second (10% charged) to 1x/2seconds (90% charged).
  • Does the INOVA | 8 charge my smartphone battery or my battery case battery in eight minutes? I am confused.
    The INOVA | 8 is charged in 8 minutes. It does not charge your smartphone in 8 minutes, but it doubles the amount of usage time for your smartphone by adding the additional battery capacity. That new battery capacity is charged in 8 minutes.
  • How is it possible to charge it so quickly?
    The INOVA | 8 uses a unique and innovative combination of custom-designed lithium-polymer battery and electronics fit compactly in the back of the battery case. A small 35W power supply is added to this combination, which allows the INOVA | 8 to achieve its charge rates of 8 minutes or less. Thus, the INOVA | 8 is just as convenient as standard, slow-charging battery cases, but frees you from the hassles that come with wall hugging, unreliable USB ports, and blocked speakers.
  • Is fast charging safe for my iPhone?
    Absolutely yes. There are many safety measures designed into the charging circuit to protect your phone. There is no way that your smartphone can be damaged from the INOVA | 8.
  • Will the case not overheat?
    No. The INOVA | 8 battery is designed for much more rigorous usage than a smartphone can ever demand. For greater safety, we have incorporated designs in the circuitry that will shut off the charging process at any unsafe temperatures. So during the 8-minute charging cycle, the battery does not become warm. In fact, the temperature hardly changes at all.
  • What do I charge the case with?
    We provide two custom power supplies with our unique 3.5 mm charging jack. You can charge with any power supply over 35W, even 1000W. They will charge the INOVA | 8 battery in 8 minutes or less and will not damage the circuit, but our device is designed to stop taking power above the maximum rated power of 35W. The same applies to lower power supplies of, for example, 5W. Such power supplies will still charge the INOVA | 8 battery, though it will take 2-3 hours, like standard battery cases. Power supplies of at least 35W will get you the best results.

Ordering & Shipping


  • How do I contact you with a question?
    You can contact us through contact form on our website or via email ( We work with Amazon procurement for all shipping questions. For technical questions, send us an email and — if you would prefer to talk — we will have our call center ready when we are in full production.


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